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Canadian Jiu Jitsu Seminars

The CJC has a wealth of Jiujitsu and other Martial Arts knowledge and decades of experience. They regularly teach coaching seminars across the province of Ontario and beyond. The seminars are of great value to students and Instructors and assists in the understanding of the mechanics of Jiujitsu and associated motor skills.

"Train Hard ..... Fight Easy"

Canadian JiuJitsu Council
P.O. Box 543 Madoc, Ontario, Canada K0K 2K0
613 473 4366

Seminars by Walther Sensei

Contact: 613-473-4366, rwalther@kos.net


The Secrets of Internal Energy

Power Punching

Knife Reality

Stretching Safety

More to come ........

Seminars by Fox Sensei

Contact: 705-748-3010, paul001fox@gmail.com

Seminars can be held at your request at your location ... email for details

Black Belt Pre-Grading Seminars

Ukimi Safe Falling

Balance and the Perfect Throw Seminar

Joint Locking Techniques Seminar

Throws and Take-Downs Seminar

Boot Camp
(Spring and Fall each year)

Seminars by Greg Magwood Sensei

Visit his web page for details

Magwood's Martial Arts
Traditional Values - Modern Sensibilities Jiu Jitsu - Kung Fu - Tai Chi - Karate - Self Defense