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The Canadian Jiujitsu Council received status as a non-profit educational Martial Arts organization under the Canadian Province of Ontario Charter. The CJC is administered by a volunteer group of senior Black Belts whose objective is to guide and assist the growth ofJiujitsu in a friendly, healthy environment and to help more people get more benefits, knowledge and pleasure from the Martial Art and Science of Jiujitsu. To work to ensure Jiujitsu remains a vital and progressive Martial Art by regularly organizing educational seminars.

  1. As a registered member of the Canadian Jiujitsu Council and a member of a CJC Registered Club, Liability and sport accident insurance is available at no extra cost.
  2. The traditional Oriental Kyu-Dan Ranking System is a structured system used to measure skills, knowledge and progress in manageable steps. The CJC maintains a register of certified Black Belt holders in Canada.
  3. The Canadian Jiujitsu Council Instructors, through the application of nationally recognized coaching theory, attain the skills required to teach Martial Arts for the new millennium.
  4. Members are kept informed of current and upcoming events by regional directors and regularly published newsletters.